Client Challenge

A recent client was struggling to manage their business as well as do the accounting and analysis of their business.Their business was not unlike many businesses that were at the stage they were growing but did not have the time resources or specialist knowledge to do the monthly reporting, analysis and control the financial aspects of this growing business. This caused the owner many sleepless nights as he wanted to spend his time managing the business but needed a CFO function to help him make decisions and take away a bit chunk of his frustration and give him some time back.

 What We Did

We analysed the financial function of the business at the same time gaining an understanding of the owners requirements for reporting, assessment and helping him make sense of the numbers identifying trends, meeting budgets and compiling what if Analysis on certain business and financial scenarios.

Services Provided
  • KPI Development and Analysis
  • Performance Improvement
  • Management Reporting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Trends
  • Accounting System
  • What if analysis
  • Financial reports verification
 Results & Benefits

The owner smiled a lot after that and every month still smiles when we come in as he now has a major pain in his business life alleviated and with specialist skills now taking care of his businesses financial systems, reporting and keeping him informed of trends and opportunities to purse other things. He is always commenting “I should have done this a long time ago “.