With the introduction of a Value Added Tax System in the UAE and surrounding countries there has been a huge and dramatic effect on the way businesses need to conduct their operations. For the first time business need to comply with a taxation system that will touch every aspect of their businesses.

The main issues with anything new is to have a develop an understanding of firstly how it works, how it effects your business and finally what needs to be done to the business to be compliant with the laws and what I need to do within the daily operational aspects of the business.

Outcomes of Workshop

The workshop covers all major aspects of the newly introduced tax system from what it is,how it works and the factors you will need to be aware of in order for your business to be able to transact and report correctly and processes surrounding this.

Some of the key factors to be explored include

  1. How VAT impacts Your Business
  2. Are you doing your VAT correctly
  3. VAT transactions, rates, penalties and definitions
  4. Setting up a VAT compliant accounting system


Workshop duration:  2 Hours