Within any business large or small there is one constant factor and that is every organisation (and each division within an organisation) has a customer: internal or external and every organisation profit or non-profit, in any sector has a product, be it a service or a tangible item.

Focusing on business systems and processes and the identification of ways to increase efficiency, productivity and quality. This course focuses on what can be done better, helping businesses to understand where to look and how to improve their systems and processes.

Outcomes of Workshop

The outcomes from this workshop are to help provide your organisation with a basic understanding of the types of systems and processes in an organisation and how to identify within your own organisation how to improve the efficiency of your business by understanding of the types of systems and processes and the practical changes in the way a business operates and the types of tools that are used.

Some of the key factors to be explored include

  1. How to increase productivity and efficiency through systems and processes
  2. How to reduce costs in your business
  3. Discipline execution and methodologies of your business processes
  4. Reducing inconsistency and variability in business operations


Workshop duration:  2 Hours