Client Challenge

We were approached by an organisation that had been trading for over 10 years but was struggling to grow. Our challenge was to determine what the issues were and offer solutions and a growth pathway for the business to move forward. The biggest issue encountered that was evident from our initial investigation was that there was one out of date computer for the whole business of 16 employees and there were essentially no automated or non manual processes in the business.

 What We Did

We undertook a thorough process review of the business from top to bottom and identified over 76 processes that could be updated and many of these automated. We utilsed process mapping and at times some other tools that used a lean thinking methodology to highlight where a process was necessary and then ensuring ones that were needed were optimised. We then implemented a new strategic road map and management information system for the business to follow.

Services Provided
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Performance Improvement
  • Lean thinking
  • Management Reporting
  • Process Mapping
  • Business Diagnostics
  • New Process Development and Implementation
  • Technology solutions
 Results & Benefits

The results were miraculous. The business was essentially re invented from a tired manual process driven one with no direction to  business that was efficient, profitable and costs were reduced by 38% over the first 6 months. The business now has direction and has increased capacity without hiring new staff to expand profitably into new markets.