Client Challenge

We were to facilitate a training program teaching participants what performance management is, how it can be applied to their businesses and what the main benefits of a program of that nature are. The participants all game from various professional and business owner background from many different industries so the program had lots of interesting class exercises.

 What we did

The training program covered many different topics, practical exercises and class discussion.Apart from participants learning about performance management and how it applies to business each practical exercise was aimed at taking the particular topic and determining how they could apply it directly to their own business and what the benefits were for doing this.

Services Provided
  • Performance Management Overview
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Performance Measures Development & Application
  • Basic business analysis and Trend Identification
 Results & Benefits

The results being each participant learnt something that they could immediately apply to their own business to improve its performance. As the training is very practical using real world examples coupled with theory and application of tools to help the process each participant had the grounding to expand on their new found know knowledge.