How well do you market your business? What is your marketing strategy? Do you have an online presence? Do you measure your marketing ROI? Do you use a CRM system? What marketing materials do you have? What are your marketing goals?

All very relevant questions and something every business owner should be continually looking at. Trying to reach more customers and getting current customers to buy more is all about how you market your business. Undertaking any marketing initiative requires thought, research and the right customers who want to buy your products and or services.

Outcomes of Workshop

The marketing process is so often undertaken in a spasmodic way if at all. So many businesses don’t understand the importance of constant marketing, who their customers are and using the right way to communicate with them thus leaving growth all up to chance. Our marketing workshop helps put some clarity, structure and process around your businesses marketing.

Some of the key factors to be explored include

  1. Having a clear marketing direction for the business
  2. Understanding of the process to create and implement marketing strategies
  3. Knowing what areas within your business require extra marketing resources
  4. Understanding of what the implications and measures are for each marketing initiative