Our Investor Ready workshop covers a diverse range of areas due to the complexity of getting your business ready for the ability to seek investment successfully. Although there is never any guarantees when seeking investment for your business there are many things you can do to get your business in that position.

The course focuses on these elements and will ensure you understand there are many different facets to seeking investment that you may not have thought of and many elements that potential investors look for in a business when looking to invest in any business.

Outcomes of Workshop

The outcomes from this workshop are to help provide your organisation with the necessary understanding to be able to look at your business objectively as a potential investor would and gain an understanding of what an investor is looking for across all elements in a business from profits to growth to market potential and how it all fits together.

Some of the key factors to be explored include

  1. Understanding where your business is
  2. How to determine the gap in making your business investor ready
  3. What investors look for
  4. The market place
  5. Your offering
  6. Reason to seek investment


Workshop duration:  2 Hours