Client Challenge

We were approached by a group of young entrepreneurs who had in their minds developed the next big thing and need some external investment to bring their idea to the market. Our task was to asses the viability of the product, determine the market, determine how it could be commercialised and seek investment for the business.

 What We Did

As the nature of the product was IT based we did our thorough assessments to determine viability using our suite of tools and processes. From that we created a minimum viable product and took it to the market and held controlled focus groups to ascertain its acceptance and importantly weather the right market demographic and pricing were being targeted. On top of this we developed a proper commercial environment for the business to operate in.

Services Provided
  • Business Health Check
  • Performance Improvement and Analysis
  • Team Leadership + Staff Development
  • Marketing and Market Development
  • Accounting Services
  • Accounting System
  • Business Model Canvas
 Results & Benefits

The results were that after a 12 month period the business was signing agreements, operating in commercial and viable way. After 11 months the business was in a position to be in front of investors which was organised and subsequently they were able to present their business case in the correct way and received an investment and a proactive investor to take their business to the next level.