You have probably heard the saying staff are your most valuable asset. Which in many contexts is true great staff doing the right thing that are productive and responsible for their actions are catalysts for a business’s overall success. On the flip side having unproductive, uncooperative staff can cause major damage to a business.

A great deal of this can be put down to the insufficient or missing induction process, contracts of employment, position descriptions, staff performance indicators, training and performance reviews. It is very difficult to get the best out of people if their guidelines are slightly grey. To minimise the issues surrounding this are the best policy to have is everything needs to be black and white and eliminate all grey areas.

Outcomes of Workshop

The outcomes of this workshop  is for you to be able to understand the human resource aspects of business from initial recruitment through to the daily engagement with employees and to make them productive members of your team.

Some of the key factors to be explored include

  1. Improvement of staff productivity
  2. Better usage of overall human resources within your business
  3. Performance reviews
  4. Position Descriptions, Kpi’s,
  5. Staff targets and policies