When considering exiting your business there are a multitude of things to consider. Many of these have an impact on how you will plan to leave your business and the timing of when you would like to exit having a huge bearing on getting to the exit point. Whether selling the business or keeping it in the family you will want to maximise the profitability of the business and in order to get to that point you are going to need to maximise the value of the business and undertake various things to get your business to that point.

One of the key aspects of this that often not looked at closely enough is when exiting the business as part of the overall process what will the tax implications be and what vehicle do I use to create wealth with the proceeds of the business exit.

We work with you from the outset right through to you exit the business. We define a plan from the start and can even work with a potential purchaser on your behalf if required.

Key Benefits to Your Business

  1. Maximise the businesses value
  2. Creation of clear defined exit plan Increase including timing aspects
  3. Maximise your businesses profitability
  4. Maximise proceeds of the exit and minimise taxation implications
  5. The strengthening of system, processes and management aspects in the business