Client Challenge

A client was looking to retire from his business that he had been building for over 15 years and wished to sell within 18 months and use the proceeds to fund his retirement. The task was to first gain an understanding of the business, then maximise the value of the business and find a buyer.

 What We Did

Part of the the whole process was to firstly articulate the current status of the business, the owners understanding of what he thought the value of the business was and the time frames required to get the business in a particular position.In order to maximise the businesses value to achieve maximum returns for the type of business and size of the business we undertook the analysis of current to future state and the areas that required to be improved were implemented over a period of time.

Services Provided
  • Business Health Check
  • Exit Strategy Consulting
  • Business Planning
  • Technology improvements
  • Marketing
  • Accounting System
  • Human Resource Plannng
 Results & Benefits

We worked with the owner for a period of 10 months and the business had been prepared for exit quicker than had been anticipated. We had been searching for a buyer in the background during this time and received a better than expected offer to purchase the business which the owner accepted. We negotiated the the deal from start to finish on the owners behalf that reduced a great deal of anxiety from him. Through our wealth management solutions we also helped the owner invest the proceeds of the sale.