You wouldn’t prepare for a catastrophic storm if you were just hit by one. Waiting until you’re hacked before thinking about cyber risk and the threats which relate to it, is an ineffective solution.

You can’t avoid many of the hazards in the cyber world. Each business – from small baqala to big enterprise – can take some steps to lower the chances of a breach. They can decrease the damage should one occur. The largest businesses with the largest budgets get hacked, even with the most robust cyber risk frameworks in place. This means that you shouldn’t only be trying to protect your business, you should be working to become to make your business resilient as well. The likelihood of you losing your business in the event of a cyber attack is extremely high if you are an SME. Your goal in the event of a breach is to be able to identify and quantify what just happened and then bounce back fast. You don’t want to become a statistic.

Cyber risk is different to cyber security. Cyber risk takes into account the overall nature of your business’ potential exposure to internal issues in the context of external threats. Simply put, do you know how damaging it might be to your business if your laptop was stolen? In addition to the operational improvements that it brings to the table, cyber risk management also fosters collaboration and trust between otherwise siloed stakeholders that include the board, C-suite, divisions and business units, as well as security and IT operations teams and even auditors, external or internal.

One of the misconceptions in many businesses is believing that you need to spend lot of money on expensive solutions which promise to keep the bad guys out. The reality, however, is that these solutions don’t work without a strong cyber risk culture in place across your whole business. Another common misconception is that an SME would be a less likely target than a large enterprise. In fact, many cyber criminals target SMEs because they’re easier to breach and frequently are a gateway to a blue-chip company through existing connections.

We will work with you to review every area where your cyber-risk culture can be improved. We will help to identify where your most critical assets lie and offer cost-effective ways of closing the biggest security gaps.

Key Benefits to your Business

  1. Identify and quantify key risks
  2. Give you the strategies to minimise those risks
  3. Tailored assessment to suit your line of business and vulnerabilities
  4. Eliminate guesswork with objective review
  5. Provide education and tools where required