The term “cash is the lifeblood of any business” is a saying that will never change. For whatever we sell or how good our products and services are if people don’t pay for them and in a timely fashion you will go broke.

Conversely, it’s just not good enough to know when money is coming in we also need to Know when money needs to go out. With business changing constantly you need to have the knowledge and take active control of your cashflow cycle if you wish to remain in business.

Outcomes of Workshop

The outcomes from this workshop are to help provide your organisation with the necessary understanding to be proactive in monitoring the cashflows and forecasting within your business that will make sense, can be viewed and acted upon when necessary and provide the stable foundation from which to grow.

Some of the key factors to be explored include

  1. Debtors & creditors
  2. How to determine if cashflow is positive
  3. Cash flow warning signs
  4. How to forecast into the future


Workshop duration:  2 Hours