Being able to run a business whether small or turning over tens of millions requires sound management of the many facets of an organisation. One of the main points in being able to run a successful business is to have relevant and up to date goals and strategies in order to give meaning and clarity to what you are setting up to achieve.

Once we have developed our goals we need to bring into alignment through your businesses key elements and drivers that can be used to help the business grow. This way management focuses on the important areas of the business and is able to set strategies to produce sustainable performance of their business and reach the defined goals.

Outcomes of Workshop

Whatever your business goals may be making sure that they are updated when required will help your business stay focused on achieving results and the key to this is a well thought out and defined strategy. This workshop helps you to define the strategic framework within your business and how to incorporate all the necessary aspects into a succinct strategy at operational and management level

Some of the key factors to be explored include

  1. The strategic framework
  2. External and internal factors when developing business strategies
  3. Developing strategies by functions
  4. Where are you now and where do you want to go strategic gap analysis


Workshop duration:  2 Hours