Our business health check workshop is designed to look at all aspects of your business and define the relevant areas you should be focusing on in order for you to develop your business to the next level. Based on the balanced scorecard methodology it will essentially make you take a clear unbiased look at your business in the context of the operational and strategic areas and how they align with your overall goals and the strategies you have in place to reach them.

It is an intense look into how your business is set up and how you operate. Many issues within a business are that the owners and managers are not aware of certain things that are not working properly or require prioritisation. This workshop will uncover these.

Outcomes of Workshop

The outcomes from this program is that you will understand the gaps, inefficiencies and priorities that your business currently have and where you currently are placed to be able to close these gaps. A workshop to define the platform for you to launch your business to a new level.

Some of the key factors to be explored include

  1. Where the business needs to be placed
  2. What are the issues hindering your business
  3. Measuring progress
  4. Your businesses objectives, targets, measures and initiatives


Workshop duration:  4 Hours